Angels are mentioned almost 300 times in the Bible. In my mind I have always envisioned angels as gentle, benevolent beings carrying messages for God. They are kind and compassionate, always telling the human recipients to not be afraid before relating the communication from God. I think my perception of angels has been slightly skewed. They can be the gentle message bearers of God, but their official duty is so much more.

This past Sunday our church sang Hillsong’s “O’ Praise the Name (Anastasis).” I was struck by the phrase “the angels roar for Christ the King.” Those words are thrilling to me. I love the image of impassioned angels announcing the glory of our Lord with uplifted voices in a lion’s roar.

These are the angel-cherubim God stationed at the gate to the Garden of Eden following man’s expulsion in Genesis 3:24. Not the hollow images perpetuated by our society. They are the ones I want camped around, protecting me (Psalm 34:7). These are the beings I want fighting the battles and the final war (Rev. 12:7) with me. They are the servants of God, the ones God sends to protect us, the ones called to carry out God’s punishments.

I want to hear them sing out in the strength given to them by God. I want my ears to ring from their passionate cries in reverence to our Father. I want to hear them “roar.”